act: THREE

the pudding

i can’t call this act of kindness random because i was actually trying to reciprocate a favor, but i definitely put a lot of thought into it, and i think it will certainly brighten the recipient’s day. i’m currently applying to mba programs and need recommendations to include as part of my application package. i asked my boss to be one of my recommenders, which is not a big deal because he’s well aware of my future plans. what is a big deal is the fact that he was diagnosed with cancer over the summer.

he had surgery back in the fall and began his chemo and radiation treatments after the new year.  unfortunately, the radiation is having numerous unpleasant side effects. the two that he seems to complain about most frequently are the loss of his sense of taste and throat irritation. given that he can’t taste very much and it is uncomfortable to eat many items, he’s slowly losing his interest in food.

one day he mentioned to me that chocolate pudding is one of the only things that he can still taste slightly and the consistency feels good on his throat. so, as a “thank-you” to him for writing my recommendations at a time when all he probably feels like doing is zoning out, i decided to make some homemade chocolate pudding for him. i had only ever made instant pudding before, but found that making it from scratch is really not that difficult and you can use better chocolate! i followed this great recipe and used a combination of 62% and 80% bittersweet dark chocolate. i sampled (i had to, afterall, since it was my first attempt) and i hope he enjoys it as much as i did!

the final product

the final product


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